Property Marketing Awards | 1st July 2016

On Thursday 23rd June, we received a special commendation for our work on The Colyer. Being we were up against projects with considerably bigger budgets and with it being a project we completed in our first year, it was a proud moment. With being one of only three marketing agencies recognised for work within the residential property sector, it’s a great start for us and hopefully will lead to many more, especially when it comes to demonstrating the effectiveness of our work for our clients.

The judges noted “an impressive approach to drawing on the heritage and rich history of a location. The campaign in question showed clarity about their target audience, and demonstrated the use of real insight into audience motivations and aspirations. The imaginative use of illustration moved the visuals away from the norm for luxury developments. It was, they said, distinctive all round – a quirky campaign that will stick in the memory more than most. The benchmark for effectiveness also found favour. The brand needed to blow its own trumpet in a noisy space – the judges agreed that it did just that.”