Buildings need to be focused on the residential experience – both now and in the future. We help ensure people love where they live.

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Silk Road's consultancy arm grew out of our desire to ensure buildings are built around the customer – both for today and tomorrow. If they are, then not only will the customer be happier, but also so will the developer as by having higher product appeal, it will sell or rent quicker. That’s why the ‘resident experience’ is at the core of our work.

When someone looks at the current property landscape, the majority of product is identikit. Similar design, spec, size and price. It’s a sea of ‘vanillaness’. We want people to love their new homes, not just ‘like’ them. Marmite is a good thing. Homes that are designed which people will love or hate are far better than the ones that don’t spark opinion at all.

To help ensure buildings are designed around residents, our first port of call is developing bespoke market research to gain a deep understanding of the customer and their needs.

We then look to see how we can 'future-proof' the building. We consider the key macro and micro changes to society to anticipate how these changes will impact your customers, ten or twenty years from now. The more future proofed a product’s design is, the more appealing and relevant it is to the customer, the easier it’s going to be to sell or rent.

Due to the success of our consultancy offering we’ve now set up a new business dedicated to ensuring homes are designed for the future. To find out more visit

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