19 February 2021

Here’s to the enemies of the ordinary

Ordinary brands and businesses don’t survive. Being vanilla is just that, beige. Like marmite, you want people to either love you or hate you.

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09 October 2020

Technology and the Next Normal

The ‘next normal’ – the same as the last normal but has just arrived more quickly than expected. Like so many events, it’s a case of expediting existing trends not starting new ones.

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23 July 2019

Silk Road creates a brand for a unique hotel room

Our client Maria Tibblin & Co was designing a room for Sleep & Eat and we created a brand to help elevate it and give it further meaning.

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05 November 2019

Selling the lifestyle: Changing the image of retirement living

James Fenner was a keynote speaker where he looked at how we best encourage people to embrace the move to retirement living as they do overseas.

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23 October 2019

Silk Road a founding partner of Gryphon

Gryphon Partnership is a new, one-stop-shop, created by seven leading businesses across the property and hospitality sector, to provide clients with the ultimate bespoke solution of best in class services, across all elements from design,marketing and operations covering inception to delivery.

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01 October 2019

Building for wellbeing

James Fenner provided a Ted style talk at the RICS event to highlight the importance of wellbeing and how it can best me marketed.

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24 June 2019

Homes are becoming smart. Are you ready for the digital revolution?

James Fenner hosted a panel on TECH@Housing at the Chartered Institute of Housing’s annual event.

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23 June 2019

How to embrace innovation and disruption to stay ahead of the game

James Fenner was a speaker at the Chartered Institute of Housing’s annual event.

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12 March 2019

Six tech trends to watch out for in 2019.

It’s time to take responsibility.

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