29 April, 2021

Silk Road launches advertising service.

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Effective advertising captures hearts and minds


Most property marketing gets lost in a sea of sameness. A CGI and a list of product features tells you what it is, but, in a commoditised and generic market, fails to capture why you should purchase it.

At Silk Road we have always believed in the importance of triggering emotion to engage customers with property. Having a unique and campaignable idea that blends the emotional with the rational, creativity with commerciality, magic with logic means the more memorable it becomes which ensures the demand for sales is accelerated. The better the idea the less you spend on marketing.

And for the first time we’re offering this service to clients outside of our roster.

The advertising pack consists of:

  • Brand idea
  • Print/static advertising
  • Search/Google advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Email template