23 October, 2019

Silk Road a founding partner of Gryphon

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Gryphon Partnership is a new, one-stop-shop, created by seven leading businesses across the property and hospitality sector, to provide clients with the ultimate bespoke solution of best in class services, across all elements from design,marketing and operations covering inception to delivery.

The group was set up set up by a group of likeminded businesses with a history of working together after countless frustrations with the property industry which we believe has become set in its ways. We want to say no to normal and shakeup the industry to give it a much-needed boost.

The aim of the group is to help property developers and house builders maximise opportunities by accessing a diverse set of complementary minds and businesses who are all deeply rooted in current trends, future thinking and customer experience. We can work with you across every element from design to sales to ensure everything is seamless and best in class.

Gryphon is a collaborative group who work well as a team, for the benefit of our clients, taking out all the complexities of employing a single entity, offering something unique for the property industry.” Gryphon has a single vision to help their clients build a better product through their longstanding understanding and experience across the property sectors. Each partner brings something special to the table, but all are equally passionate about doing things differently and finding a better way forward for your project. Working together for you, they'll bring their individual expertise to bear.