14th February 2017

Picture an Apartment Styled to your Taste

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Picture an apartment styled to your taste.

We believe people sometimes look at CGI’s and feel ‘it’s not right for them’, which is more an indication of the furnishings than building. We’ve looked into how this can be achieved by simply allowing potential purchasers to select the type of furnishings/style they prefer. This piece explains it in more detail and shows the different potential styles.

Having our own CGI (computer generated image) business has many advantages, one being allowingus to bring to life ourthinking.

We believe when people look to CGI’s they often assess the furnishings as much as the space, whereby it’s the space that’s being sold to them. If the furnishings aren’t to their liking then they may disregard it. So why not let them see the spacehowthey’d likeitfurnished?

As such we selected a very ‘standard’ kitchen/living area to see how it would change when we simply applied different furnishings and wallpapers.

As you’ll see it looks quite different, yet the essentials of the space are all exactly the same. We’re now going to roll this out onto a digital application so the images respond to the individual’s designpreferences.