16 August 2017

Without Customer Insight, How Can you Make PRS a Success?

To better understand the customer motivations in the buy to rent sector, we commissioned our own research with one thousand people currently renting in UK …

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9th November 2016

Impact Launch of SR | Visual Art

We’ve long been advocates of producing quality content and the natural next step for Silk Road was to set up a content division …

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24 June 2016

Custom Design your Own Home at Beechwood

With 11.8 million people aged 65+ in the UK according to Age UK, the options available to those in the later stages of life have never been more important …

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9 June 2017

The Power of Customer Engagement

Brands are constantly battling for their audience’s attention in a world full of noise and competition. We are therefore seeing …

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14th February 2017

Picture an Apartment Styled to your Taste

We believe people sometimes look at CGI’s and feel ‘it’s not right for them’, which is more an indication of the furnishings than building. We’ve looked into …

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5th October 2016

Tesco Launching BackIt

Our second project for Tesco launched recently, namely a crowd funding brand for the food and beverage sector called BackIt. This is very much more …

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1st July 2016

Property Marketing Awards

On Thursday 23rd June, we received a special commendation for our work on The Colyer. Being we were up against projects with considerably bigger …

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24 June 2016

Impact of the Decision to Leave the EU on Property Marketing

Whilst the outcome of yesterday’s EU Referendum had never been a certainty, waking up to the reality of the country’s decision to exit the EU definitely …

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30 May 2016

The Role of Virtual Reality in Property Marketing

We’re of the belief that VR will have a big part to play in property marketing. For those buying off plan, it’s the best marketing tool available to illustrate …

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