251 customisable homes in Essex

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The challenge

This project was a genuine first, giving people the chance to design their own homes – from the type of house, to the exterior finishes, colours to the internal layouts. It was extremely exciting for us to partner with Swan Housing, whose pioneering ‘future living’ work is informed by giving people choice.

The challenge was how to make customers comfortable with the daunting responsibility of designing their homes and all the many choices that entails. While some would have had a similar experience when buying a car, none would have ever done so with their own home.

The solution

The property branding was a small, but vital element of this ground-breaking project. We updated existing materials to give them more energy and dynamism, so that they better reflected the product’s proposition. Happily, we could call our own high-quality CGI work here. This had a critical impact, as we clearly needed to use imagery to showcase the available options.

With a single house having 316,000 options to choose from, a great deal of consideration went into how to highlight the variety of options using just 20 images. Alongside the imaging, particular attention was paid to the copy and headlines, as we really needed to reassure customers that it’s a simple process.

This property marketing was complemented by a suite of handy tools, from an interactive touch screen site map presenting all the options, to an animated film showcasing the process, alongside standard elements such as a website, multiple brochures, marketing suite communications and advertising.

The result

The launch saw the first phase sell out in the first weekend. We are now underway with the bulk of the properties and the sales forecast is looking very positive.

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Randolph Crescent

Space with a view

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The Folium

Beautiful by nature

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