The Curzon

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The challenge

Being on a main road in Willesden Green was always going to be a major challenge for sales. It was important we not only turned this into a positive but also gave the development a more ‘premium’ feel.

The solution

Being on the corner of Curzon Crescent led to the name of ‘The Curzon’ which have the development a premium and confident feel. The branding had a premium feel to it but it was essential it felt attainable being all apartments benefited from Help to Buy. Messaging such as ‘The Willesden Way of Life’ and ‘from Willesden to the World’ helped celebrate the local area and benefits of living at The Curzon.

The result

Launching just before the second UK lockdown was always going to be a challenge and getting 20% away during this period can be deemed a success. We’re confident Spring will bring people interested in The Curzon and the Willesden Way of Life.

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