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The challenge

We usually relish working on a building with a strong story behind it, but with Guthrie Gardens we had to take a different approach altogether. Firstly, we needed to avoid referencing the building’s history as the main reform school of temperance preacher Sir Thomas Guthrie.

Equally problematic was the location itself. Liberton wasn’t an obvious choice for a client used to dealing with Edinburgh’s prime suburbs. So we knew we had to put a positive spin on both the building and the area.

The solution

The green spaces in and around the development were a key factor which influenced the branding. Accordingly, we named the development Guthrie Gardens and chose green as the primary colour. In terms of positioning, a great deal of emphasis was placed on the benefits of Liberton as a place to live – with its proximity to both Edinburgh city centre and stunning outdoor areas, such as the Braid Hills and the Pentlands a little further afield.

Each apartment offered a different configuration, so a lot of thought was put into how to best communicate these unique assets. Elevations and floorplates formed an important part of the plans, for which we created a dedicated brochure. We also developed a new price and availability plug-in for the website. These went down so well that they will soon be rolled out on all of the developer’s websites.

The result

With five apartments being reserved in the first week after launch, things are certainly looking rosy for Guthrie Gardens.

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