Steeps Fire Cider

Your answer to a healthy immune system

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The challenge

This project was all about rebranding this fiery product to the current health-focused generation. Our challenge was to make this produce stand out in a broadly wide market of well-bring and fitness products. We also had the challenge of dealing with a. product and a field that was new to us at Silk Road.

The solution

How did we make it stand out? With a powerful brand identity and a strong story behind it. With a great deal of focus on the fun factor yet with a potent underlying health benefit, we managed to make these raw, simple, yet powerful ingredients stand out in a crowd.

The result

Currently, labels are printing, bottles are prepping, and ingredients are steeping for this final product. With a vital backstory to this organic beverage, and its roots set I the history of herbal remedies, we are excited to see where this weird and wonderful project will be heading in the future.

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